Guidelines for Remote Administration of Mubakkir


As e-learning becomes more widely adopted during the current environment of school closures, Diglossia is dedicated to supporting school administrators and teachers in their efforts to transition to online tools for student learning and progress. To assist in tracking the progress of early Arabic learners, we have developed guidelines to administer the Mubakkir Early Arabic Assessment remotely. With some minor adjustments to the in-classroom testing process, teachers can test students online in a virtual classroom or web conference setting.

Student Technology Requirements

For students testing from home, technology requirements include:

  • Computer, laptop, or tablet
  • Access to broadband internet
  • Web conference tools (Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype, etc)
  • Built in microphone and speaker (headphones are optional)
Controlled Testing Environment

It is important the test is taken in a controlled environment in the home. This means that:

  • Teachers schedule a date and time for the test
  • The test is fully explained to the students before they begin
  • Students complete the tests independently without any outside assistance
Teacher Instructions

Preparing for Testing

  • You will need both your tablet (or phone) and computer to administer the test.
  • The Mubakkir app will record each testing session. Be sure to keep the tablet or phone near the speaker on your computer during the tests so it can record the student responses.
  • Let students know the date and time of their test in advance.
  • It is important to let the student practice once before you begin the actual session. You can reset a practice session by selecting the back arrow and ‘reset’ from the menu that appears.
Distance Testing Protocol
  • On your tablet (or phone), open the Mubakkir app, log in, and navigate to the name of the first child you will be testing
    • Select your class
    • Click Start Session
    • Select Student
    • Select an assessment
  • On your computer: Display the test sheet for the same test you selected in the Mubakkir app
  • Share your screen with the first student you will be testing
  • Give the student instructions for the first test
  • On your mobile device: In the app, click the START button (bottom center of the screen) to start the timer to begin the test
    • For every correct response, click on the GREEN CHECKMARK (bottom right of the screen)
    • For incorrect responses, click on the MOBILE SCREEN on the incorrect word or letter and select a description of the error from the color-coded miscues on the pop-up list
  • If the student happens to finish before time runs out, click the round TIMER icon (bottom center of the screen) to end the test
  • To save the session, click on the DISK icon on the top right of the screen
  • Click OK to confirm test session has been saved
  • You will be returned to the assessment screen. Select the next assessment.
  • Display the next test sheet on your computer for the student to view
  • Repeat this process until the student has completed all of their assigned tests
  • In the app, click the BACK ARROW button to return to the Class screen and select the next student.

Share your computer screen with the new student and repeat the process above for all students you will be testing.

For downloading, setup, and operating instructions, please refer to the Mubakkir Quick Start Guide provided with your license agreement.