Mubakkir Arabic Early Reading Assessment

Quickly measure literacy development in Arabic language learners

Remote Testing Available

Mubakkir is a suite of individually administered tests designed to help schools and teachers determine how early readers are performing on critical pre-literacy and early literacy skills. Mubakkir gives teachers and administrators a powerful and easy-to-use tool for acquiring student data to inform effective instruction and intervention. The test is given one-to-one, and uses a mobile app and printed reading sheets (or online sheets for remote testing). Students read aloud while the teachers use a tablet or phone to record and monitor fluency rates, miscues, and progress over time.

As a progress monitoring tool, teachers can easily maintain a running record of student progress in meeting benchmark requirements for six to ten pre-reading and early reading skills that have been identified by experts as essential to the development of reading fluency in young learners.

As a formative assessment tool, the detailed data obtained from regular administration of the test will give teachers the diagnostic information they need to provide every child with meaningful formative feedback and develop personalized, evidence-based remediation and intervention strategies.

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Test Highlights

      • Native & non-native Arabic learners
      • Beginning through intermediate proficiency
      • Takes just 2-3 minutes per session
      • Frequent one-on-one interaction creates a running record
      • Easy to use mobile app for iOS and Android devices, on or offline
      • Intuitive teacher online dashboard for session review, tracking, and progress reports
      • Administrator dashboard for system-wide progress tracking
      • Graphical reports include individual diagnostic profiles and longitudinal growth chart

Based on Arabic Language Arts Standards

Mubakkir is based on the Arabic reading level standards created by Dr. Hanada Taha of Zayed University, used by more than 100 publishers of Arabic children's literature.

Mubakkir Literacy Skills and Test Structure

Literacy Skill


Alphabetic Awareness

Letter Naming Fluency


Letter Sound Fluency

Phonemic Awareness

Initial Sound Isolation


Final Sound Isolation


Phoneme Segmentation Fluency


Nonsense Word Fluency

Phonological Awareness

Syllable Detection


Rhyming Recognition


Rhyming Production

Vocabulary Knowledge

Word Use Fluency

Oral Reading Fluency

Sight Word Fluency


Oral Reading Fluency

Oral Reading Comprehension

Story Retell



The test structure for each grade-level assessment aligns with projected benchmarks for the development of reading proficiency at each grade level.

Built in Partnership with the Arab Thought Foundation

Mubakkir was created by Diglossia in partnership with the Arab Thought Foundation to promote early literacy skills in young learners and is part of the foundation's efforts to improve the teaching and learning of Arabic throughout the Arabic world. The assessment is funded by theArabi 21 Project, an Arab culture, education and renaissance driven project that envisions a future where any Arab citizen can acquire some education level throughout their life.