Tala Remote Administration Guidelines

In our current environment of school closures, many of our Tala customers have inquired about administering the Tala test remotely. With a few changes to the standard testing process, teachers and administrators can test students online in a virtual classroom.

Before Testing Day
Setup Form

A week before you begin testing, Diglossia will email the proctor a Tala Setup Form. To complete the form, enter the class names, teacher names, and teacher email addresses. You do not need any student information on this form. Return the form to Diglossia, and we will assign a Group Code (testing code) for each class and return the form to you.

Student ID Number Form (Optional)

To log into the test, students will need to enter their Student ID Number. If students do not know their student ID number, proctors can create a document listing all student names for each class followed by their Student ID Number and Group Code. Diglossia will send you a template for this document (see below). Completing this document is optional, but many schools find it helpful to provide this information before the test to ensure students enter the correct Student ID Number and Group Code for the test. When testing in person in a regular classroom setting, proctors complete the document and cut it into strips, then distribute a strip to each student showing their name, Student ID Number, and Group Code (see below). In a virtual environment, proctors can make this document available in a file where all students can view it before the test, or email each student their information prior to the test, but do not expose the URL for Tala access until time to begin.

Before Testing

The Vocabulary and Reading test is not timed, and usually takes approximately 35 minutes. (For remote testing, the Writing test is not administered).

Technology Requirements

Diglossia will provide you with a form listing the technology requirements for Tala. When logging in from home, students will need to log into your online teaching platform. If your school has no dedicated online teaching platform, we recommend using Zoom to administer Tala. If you do not already have a Zoom account, you will need to create an account and schedule a meeting for the date and time of the test. You would then add each student as an attendee of the meeting.

Student Requirements

For students testing from home, technology requirements include:

  • Computer, laptop, or tablet
  • Access to broadband internet
  • Access to web meeting platform or school portal
  • Web browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari

After logging into your online teaching platform, students close all other windows and programs. The student will then open their browser, type in the URL address for the Tala test, and begin the test. Proctors can monitor the test by asking students to share their screens so they can watch as students interact with the test. Having students use a web-camera is not necessary, but is an option if it does not violate the privacy policy of the school.

Controlled Testing Environment

It is important the test is taken in a controlled environment in the home. This means that:

  • Proctors schedule a date and time for the test
  • The test is fully explained to the students before they begin
  • Students complete the tests independently without any outside assistance

There should be no talking during the test, and parents or others who are present can not assist the student (including reading the questions or selecting answers). If possible, the student should be alone in a room.