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    "As we have worked on developing an Arabic program that meets these high goals, we have realized that the missing piece has been objective, real-time assessment data to inform decisions, track individual student progress, and evaluate program effectiveness.

    Now, with Diglossia in Abu Dhabi developing valid and reliable assessments specific to the standards and outcomes we target, that need is being met. The company has demonstrated outstanding customer care and devoted service to providing tools for Arab educators to make essential improvements.”

    Dr. Sally Alturki - Co-founder, Dhahran Ahliyya School

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    "Given the need for students to improve their ability to read, write and speak the Arabic language, both fluently and properly, these types of diagnostic and prescriptive tools can make a significant contribution to delivering upon the spoken goals of the leaders of the country. These important goals are aligned to improve the teaching and learning of the Arabic language within the country and region to meet the language and communication needs of the country and region which is the embedded goal of Diglossia.

    We at ENS encourage Diglossia to continue their pursuit of the development of an Arabic Language Assessment that can be used to improve student acquisition and performance in reading, speaking and writing Arabic."

    Dr. Kenneth D. Vedra - Director General, 
    Emirates National School